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Please do realize I’m a human, not a robot. I reply to messages regarding Photoshop as much as I can. I love helping people but please don’t send hate if I don’t reply right away. I’m replying/helping/and making tutorials as fast as I am able. xx

I listened to opinions of people and I tried to change who I am because I though the others would accept me for it. And I realized that I don’t know how to be anything but myself. And all I really want you to know is that you are changing the world: I’m not changing the world, you’re changing the world and that’s amazing. Please, please just be kind to each other and love and inspire people, because - let’s do it, let’s do it - let’s change the game. Let’s change the game. The most important thing is that we learn and we continue to learn from each other. Please stay true to yourself. Please just remain who you are.


during the course of miley’s recent comeback, she’s gone through many struggles. like most of us, we all must go through hardships in order to learn in life. some of us go through worse things than others, but it still hurts nonetheless. the only difference between us and miley is that she must struggle in front of the entire world, while we can mourn in peace in our bedroom for as long as we please. her being one of the most famous pop stars, she’s always on the road, on the carpet and in the studio. she barely has time off and works her ass off for us even if she’s broken. nonetheless, she’s human. she has a heart like ours, she has the craving to feel loved and to be loved just like us. as many of you may know, recently a fan on twitter wrote a very well written paragraph on what she has found out about miley’s life and what she’s going through. (here’s the post if you’re willing to read it. it’s long but after you read it, you will understand the point of this project.) miley basically has no one anymore. not even her own mother. and what makes it even more heartbreaking is that the only person who loved her unconditional, is gone forever. so here is the point i’m getting to. miley needs us more than anything right now. she’s become a lost cause and her world is slowly falling apart. just like she has always been here for us, it’s time for us to be here for her. and because we all know it’s impossible for all of us to meet her at once, me and my friend on tumblr decided to make a montage video for her. what we would need from all of you guys for this to work is either signs of you guys writing something to miley, or a video explaining what miley has taught you over the course of being her fan, and if you want to say any inspirational words to miley you can record that also. we want to make this something that miley can watch over and over again whenever she is down and hopefully this will put a GENUINE smile on her face… which is something she’s struggling with nowadays. so here is how you can send your pictures of your signs or videos to us. submit your pictures to either me or my friend and submit your videos to us as well. if you are somehow unable to submit the video to us, you can always upload your video to youtube and then submit us the link to the video. (here or here). i promise that every single picture and video will be in the video. no one will be left out. this is for miley and miley only. and i can only pray that this gets into her hands and she will finally be happy for maybe a couple moments. if you’ve read this far, thank you, and i really hope you participate in this project because i know miley needs this more than anything. miley has saved so many lives and now it’s time for us to try to save a piece of hers.

Anonymous asked: How do I put colour in black n white photos? Sorry for my bad english but I hope u understand. Like u edited a photo of miley on your instagram where the actuall photo was black n white but then u made colours. Please replu, thx.

HI there (:
I already have a tutorial for that, you can find it here. »Tutorial on Colorizing a B&W photo

Tutorial Requests

I’m taking Photoshop tutorial requests. So, if you have a request please put it in my ask box. I can explain literally almost anything. Please, I’m so bored and I have nothing but time. And check out my other tutorials (:

Emoji x Britney Spears edition

if you hate on kristen stewart I’ll jab your eyes out with a fork

Tutorial: Making a transparent

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while since I have made a tutorial. To be quite honest with you.. I got a life. But today, I’m going to show you how to make a transparent. I transparent is an image cut out of an object, body with a background that is transparent.. Okay, here we go!

1. Start with your image opened up in Photoshop.

2. Select the eraser tool: image

3. Start erasing carefully around the object, body that you’re trying to make a transparent with, like this:

4. Once you’ve erased the background around the body/item it should look like this:

5. Now it’s time to save your image.
To save click File>Save for web and devices..
Put your settings to this:
Click save.

Finished Product:

Please LIKE this post if it helped you, if you have any questions just ask me in my ask box! You can also request tutorials in my ask box, maybe I will do them! :)

robandk asked: i remember that you used to post so many useful tutorials and i learned how to make gifs by them !! And i remember that you used to have "home by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros" playing in your tumblr.. basically i just loved your blog (still do) <3

D’awww. Thanks so much. <3