Tutorial on how I make my GIFS.

Okay, a lot of people have been asking in my ask box how I make my GIFS. I have ignored them because it says in a FAQ that I will not answer that question, until I decide to one day create a tutorial. That day has come! :) & this is how I do my gifs. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4, I don’t know if this way works with other versions, I’m sorry.
What you need to start off with: a video clip you want to use that is saved on your computer & Photoshop CS4. File types supported:

EDIT: AVI FILES DO NOT WORK! Stick to MP4 files!

1. Click: File > Import > Video frames to layers.
2. Select your video of choice to make your GIF. You might have to start typing in the video clips file name, because sometimes the clips will not show up in the folder you have them saved in.
3. Then click “Load”
4. This should pop up:

5. Check the circle that says “Selected range only.”
6. Click the box that says “Limit to every 2 frames” & change the 2 to a 4. Like this:

7. Select the part of the clip you want by pressing down the SHIFT button & moving it over to the part where you want the GIF to end, like this:

8. After that click “Ok”
9. Photoshop will load your GIF & it should look like this:

10. Delete the frames that you don’t need/don’t want.
11. Then once your done editing the color/adding textures to your gif click: File > Save for Web and Devices. This will pop up:

12. Click enter, Call the GIF whatever you want then click “Save”
Finished Product:

Please LIKE this post if it helped you, if you have any questions just ask me in my ask box! You can also request tutorials in my ask box, maybe I will do them! :)

EDIT: I just made a new tutorial on how to use PSDS on GIFS, You can learn here!

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