Tutorial on how to make a PSD.

Hey everyone. :) Today I’m going to attempt to show you how to make a .PSD file. No, I’m not showing you how to color a photo, I’m simply showing you how to save a .PSD so you could upload/share your own with others!

1. Have your original image opened in Photoshop.

2. Edit your settings/colorings of your photo to your liking.

3. Follow these steps below!

Written directions; Select all settings (Holding down SHIFT clicking first layer to last EXCEPT ORIGINAL IMAGE), click arrow at the top. Click “create new group from layers.” Name it whatever you want. You’ll see all your layers/settings in the folder. Time to save. File > Save as.  Make sure the file type is PSD. Name it what you’d like.
Click “Ok” if box pops up. THEN YOU’RE DONE! You have your PSD!

Please LIKE this post if it helped you, if you have any questions just ask me in my ask box! You can also request tutorials in my ask box, maybe I will do them! :)

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